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Hello and welcome to the single but very long page by Mulley Communications talking about social media in Cork.

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Social Media Training in Cork

So Mulley Communications does lots of social media training in Cork. We work with Cork City Enterprise Board offering courses. We offer courses on Facebook, SEO, Twitter and linkedIn with North Cork Enterprise board too and we have a brilliant (yes we have bias) 4 week Digital Marketing Course with the Cork Chamber. We also run a lot of our own courses and advertise them on our blog and Twitter. These include Facebook for Business, Twitter for Business and LinkedIn for business.

Socia Media Consultancy in Cork

As well as the social media training courses we do in Cork, we also do consultancy in social media. This is to help companies use social media to increase traffic to their site from Google, from Facebook and Twitter. While a lot of media is talking about Facebook becoming less useful it's still used by millions of Irish people per day so it's worth investigating but it's now at a stage that every quarter you will have to work harder to get the same return. Twitter is a place where there is positive growth but five times more people use Facebook, so keep that in mind. So what will consultancy with us do for your business. We evaluate what you do, we look at ways to make your social media marketing more efficient using automation or by cutting out things you don't see to do. Normally if you follow through with what we suggest you will see more traffic to your social media presences as well as your website and you will also see more people will interact with you and if you sell online, more people will buy from you.

Social Media Strategy Cork

That over-used adage about not knowing what 50% of your advertising is working falls apart when you do digital. You can measure social media and you can see what you get back from what you're putting in. Do you know much much you spend on social media marketing? Hourly rate of employees doing it, cost of using agencies, cost to get that one lead. You might be surprised at the costs of your customer acquisition!

Damien Mulley does mentoring for public and private bodies: from helping start-ups on their marketing and comms strategies, to market research on whether their products will work, to creating media plans on how to get quality media attention. We’re a company that likes to help businesses, groups and individuals get better at communicating, mainly using online resources like your own website, blogs, social networks like Facebook, Twitter and other online tools. AKA, we make you famous on the Internet.